Configure FTP access in Dreamweaver CS6

I will try to explain in this article how to set up the FTP connection¬† to your hosting space in Adobe Dreamweaver in order to start building your website or edit your existing one’s files.

1) From the main menu, click on “Site”:

dreamweaver ftp settings - site

2) Select “New Site”:

dreamweaver ftp settings - new site

3) Set the name of your website as you want it to appear later in the “Manage Sites” section:

dreamweaver ftp settings - site name

4) From the same section, go to “Servers”:

dreamweaver ftp settings - add server

5) Set up the FTP connection using the details received from your hosting provider or the ones set up by you if you’re on a self managed server:

dreamweaver ftp settings - set up FTP server

Use the “Test” button to check if the details are correct.

Most connections issues are caused by the incorrect path to the root directory, in our example, there is no specific one set so there is only a slash “/” as in this case, we are using a 123-reg Linux based hosting package which has “public_html” as default root for FTP.

If we were to be using a Windows package from the same provider, then the root directory would have had to be defined as “/web/content/”.

If using only the slash “/” you should encounter any issues, contact your hosting provider to ask in what folder on your hosting space should the website files be placed in and what this path should be.

6) Once the settings saved, click on the “Connect” button to access the server and view the hosting space contents.

dreamweaver ftp settings - connect

That’s it folks :), good luck with your new website!

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